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Helping Mothers and Fathers Protect Their Parental Rights

At Key West attorneys, we understand the delicate nature of child custody issues and the emotional toll custody disputes can have on our clients and their children. Our approach is simple: We treat our clients’ families as we would our own.

Our Miami child custody attorneys are committed to helping clients not only accomplish their goals but also do so in a way that protects their future relationships with their children. We take a personal approach to every case, offering tailor-made solutions to clients’ problems.

Understanding How the Florida Courts Handle Custody Matters

In Florida, the family courts have moved away from traditional concepts such as joint custody, sole custody, and visitation. Instead, when a child’s parents get divorced or are unmarried, to begin with, the court will approve a parenting plan for the division of parental responsibilities.

Every family is unique and faces unique challenges, and in every child custody case, the court must carefully consider which arrangements are in the best interests of the child.

Our firm helps mothers and fathers pursue positive resolutions to these issues through negotiation or mediation when possible and litigation when necessary. If you have outgrown your current custody arrangement or there has been a change in your custody circumstances, we will help you with the modification and enforcement of child custody and visitation arrangements.

At Bickman Law, we understand that nothing is more important to mothers and fathers than their children. For a free consultation with our experienced custody and visitation lawyers, call Key West Family Lawyers on our priority line at 305-409-3636.

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