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Commercial Litigation & Arbitration Lawyer Key West

In the event that you become involved in a business dispute, we strive to preserve the sensitive nature of your business relationship, thereby allowing you flexibility and the possibility of securing future sales of products and/or services to your opponent.

Upon exhausting amicable avenues, Key West Business Litigation Lawyer zealously litigates creditor claims in state and federal court with the goal of reducing the claim to a judgment, which we will then aggressively but ethically utilize the law to enforce. Common areas of representation include:

·       UCC / Sale of Goods
·       Breach of Contract / Promissory Note
·       Negotiable Instruments (Dishonored check)
·       Open Account / Account Stated
·       Equipment Leases / Replevin
·       Bank Account / Wage Garnishment
·       Attachment, Levy and Execution
·       Fraudulent Asset Transfers
·       Commercial Arbitration

Looking for personalized legal representation for your business? Our team of Commercial Litigation Attorneys at Key West Attorneys will work closely with you to understand your business needs and provide tailored solutions. Call us at (305) 409-3636 to schedule a consultation today.