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We are well-versed in Florida intestacy laws and can advise you on the best options available to you. In addition, we are capable of drafting the full complement of estate planning documents to ensure your wishes will be understood and effectively carried out. We also provide probate support to see that those wishes are fulfilled accurately and expeditiously, giving maximum effect to your careful and well-thought-out estate planning.

Asset Preservation.

Estate & Gift Taxation.

Formal Administration v. Summary Administration.


Surviving Spouses Benefits.

Trust & Estate Litigation.

Estate Planning Law Firm Key West

Estate planning in life is the ideal way to have your assets distributed to family, friends, and charities according to your needs and wishes. We approach this process with care to make sure that every part of your estate is considered and handled in the way that you want. Through comprehensive estate planning, you will also be able to determine an appropriate guardian for any minor children. Estate planning further includes deciding how your healthcare, legal and financial affairs will be managed in the event you become temporarily or permanently disabled or incapacitated and cannot see to these matters for yourself.

Estate Planning is for everyone, at any age and with any size of the estate. Without proper estate planning, these vital decisions could end up being made by a judge who does not know you or your needs or desires. By making these decisions for yourself now, with our assistance, you can assure that your particular estate plan reflects your wishes and will be effective and enforceable when needed. We are ready to draft you the full complement of Florida testamentary documents, including:



Living wills

Advance directives

Health care surrogates

Powers of Attorney

Our job is to counsel and guide you during the estate planning process where we provide you with professional and practical advice and assistance to ensure an orderly, efficient probate process. We have experience with both formal administration and summary administration proceedings, as well as ancillary administration when the property is owned in a state outside the deceased’s state of residence. If will contests or other challenges arise, our skilled and experienced Key West family lawyer will provide aggressive and effective representation to resolve probate disputes.

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