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Commercial Litigation and Arbitration

In the event that you become involved in a business dispute, we strive to preserve the sensitive nature of your business relationship, thereby allowing you flexibility and the possibility of securing future sales of products and/or services to your opponent.

Upon exhausting amicable avenues, Key West Business Litigation Lawyer zealously litigates creditor claims in state and federal court with the goal of reducing the claim to a judgment, which we will then aggressively but ethically utilize the law to enforce. Common areas of representation include:

·       UCC / Sale of Goods
·       Breach of Contract / Promissory Note
·       Negotiable Instruments (Dishonored check)
·       Open Account / Account Stated
·       Equipment Leases / Replevin
·       Bank Account / Wage Garnishment
·       Attachment, Levy and Execution
·       Fraudulent Asset Transfers
·       Commercial Arbitration